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Easy to Customize

The Matter Wallet can be branded to your specification. Want specific features disabled or labeled in your white-label version? No problem. Your customers get the benefits of our updates.

100+ Blockchains

We can integrate you today. We hope every coin can integrate with the Matter Wallet wallet. When everyone has a chance to have their voices heard, the market is free to decide the winners and losers.

Super Fast

We’ve built the Matter Accelerator as a part of our backend to make your transactions feel instant even when available computation is not.

Clean Design

Users can customize their wallets. Matter Tools are designed to be clean and pleasant to navigate. We keep it simple, like all thing should be.

On and off-chain.

Transact everywhere thanks to our decentralized notary services. When one computer goes down, the other nodes pick up the load. We’ll make every interaction feel seamless.

Advanced Features

Blended chain smart contracts enable customizable agreements between multiple parties, containing user-defined scripted clauses, hooks, and variables.

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