Empower your users with decentralized security

MatterFi makes white label software and hardware wallets for reliable decentralized identity and security in web3. Enabling users to maintain autonomy and enterprises to increase dependability, security, and automation.

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Here's our CEO giving a 10-minute presentation about what we offer.


The Future of Financial Transactions

MatterFi enables revokable credentials, reusable payment addresses', and in line messaging and payments.

Servable Customers

MatterFi can help you if you:

- Have physical security systems
    (pass cards, log ins, PIN codes)
- Digital security systems
    (logins, 2FA systems, secure keys, etc.)
- Hold customer data
- Want to connect with your customers in a secure way
    where their identity is managed by them.

Simple, Reusable, Secure

MatterFi wallets are designed to be easy to reconstitute from backup. MatterFi smart cards are designed to be replaceable at a low cost while secure enough to store your private key. When the MatterCard was debuted at DefCon 2021 no one hacked it. To reverse engineer the key you'll have to destroy the chip in the process.

OBPP-05 aka BIP-47

The OBPP-05 Payment Code enables users to have a re-usable address across all chains. The address itself does not actually appear in any on-blockchain transactions, and thus cannot be observed publicly on-blockchain by any third parties, unless they have the party’s private key.


Identity is critical for blockchain-based businesses. MatterCodes enable a user to broadcast revocable pseudonyms and claims others have made on their account. For example if a user’s account has a cryptographic claim by a licensing office that user can choose to show that claim to other users who will know based on the signature only that licensing office could have made that claim.


With MatterCodes blockchain-based businesses can identify a user and link that user to the signatures they sign, payments they make, messages they send, claims that distinguish their identity, and authentications about those claims made by various authorities. This enables a truly decentralized web of authority.

Open Transactions

Open Transactions is an open source library created in 2010 as a response to bitcoin that enabled the currency with financial instruments. Tested and developed over the last 12 years this library is a tested and mature backbone for the MatterFi software.

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A comprehensive system, based on open protocols
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How We Work With You

Phase 1: Discovery

175 Hours
Assess your needs and infrastructure/use cases
Develop complete functional requirements and interface requirements for your use cases
Deliver full specification, project plan and estimate to develop the technical specifications

Phase 2: Technical Architecture

8-12 weeks
Full technical specifications for your detailed functional requirements
Project plan, schedule and costs for building and deploying your solution

Phase 3: Build/Deploy

Develop the technical specification requirements and rigorously test them
Where necessary, coordinate with third party auditors
Deliver a fully implemented solution based on the technical and functional requirements (both hardware and software)
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